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Custom Manufacturing & OEM

While we are expanding and our products are more and more known to the
customers, Ascent Porcelain has become a royal partner to many famous porcelain
buyers.With the good reputation,high quality, and considerate service,
Ascent Porcelain has proved herself be a good OEM partner to the customers.
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Custom Manufacturing
Do you have a great design for a product, but you are not sure how to have your item manufactured? Here is how Ascent Porcelain can help.
The OEM Process:
1.             Send us a sample, a drawing, or artwork of the item you would like manufactured. In about 2 or 3days (we reply our customers one by one in turn ), we can usually get a preliminary quote for production costs, minimum quantities required, and product development fees.
2.             If the quotation is acceptable, we will forward the development fee to the factory and authorize them to make samples of your product. The development fee covers the cost of making the original model, and necessary molds of the samples. Developing a sample usually takes about two to four weeks.
3.             After producing a sample for your approval, we will reconfirm all pricing for your project.
4.             Once you approve the samples and final pricing we must charge the customer a 30% deposit of your order and our factory will begin production. Manufacturing time varies with each product but generally takes 45 to 60days.
5.             Once our production department has notified you that your order has been shipped, the remaining 50% of the payment is due. Ascent Porcelain will handle all aspect of exporting including the ocean freight(if the price is including that), customs clearance , and SGS & FDA approvals(it is for European, American & Canadian market).
Why Our Customers Would Like To Cooperate With Ascent Porcelain Company?
Overseas production & supplier chain is a complicated process with many opportunities for things to go wrong. Although Ascent Porcelain Company can give you a solution of ceramic & porcelain products, we do have dedicated staff members who work directly with you during the entire process as their own business. From sample development to quality control during manufacturing, final packaging and thorough inspection of the finished merchandise, our staff will work as you to assure success. Having experienced staff keeps their work focused on the production timeline and ensures that the details of your project are correct.
The majority of our custom manufacturing customers have tried to import themselves but have wasted valuable time and money working with a factory that could not deliver what it promised. Each of our factories has strengths and weaknesses and slightly different offerings and specialties. We have the experience and knowledge to match your project with the appropriate solution and to monitor all aspects of production. We have a long and steady business relationship with these customers and they are happily willing to work with us on projects.
Examples of Custom Manufacturing Projects:
  • White porcelain
  •  Decorated dinnerware
  • Custom shaped mugs, steins and commemorative drinking vessels 
  •  Teapots 
  •  Cups and saucers
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Ceramic house and kitchen wares
  • Collectibles
  • Promotion gifts
  • Sublimation Products
Custom Decorating
Have you seen one of our items that would look even better with your logo or custom design on it? We have a custom decorating department that can help you with your project. There are minimum quantities for each item which depend upon the type of item and the specific decorations. In general, it is difficult to customize less than 3000 pieces.
The Process:
1.             Choose one of our items that you would like customized with your logo or design.
2.             Email us your digital artwork or design to . We will need to see your artwork before being able to provide a quote. Be sure to include your contact information with your artwork. High resolution vector art (such as an Illustrator file) is preferable to low resolution raster art (such as a low resolution ".jpg" file). Color separated artwork is preferred.
3.             We will provide a quote based on the item you have chosen and the artwork you have submitted. Decorating costs are based on two main components:
1.  The cost of printing decals:
Porcelain and ceramic items are decorated with specially made decals that have ceramic pigments that bond permanently to the glazed surfaces when kiln fired at high temperatures. All of the decals for your project are printed at once and the higher the quantity, the less expensive the cost per piece. The printing cost for decals is also dependent on the number of colors in your design and the size of the design. We often recommend printing more decals than your initial order requires if there is a chance you will need more at a later date.
2.  The cost of decorating:
Ceramic decals must be hand applied to each item and then fired in the kiln. The complexity of the decoration, the number of decorations per item, and the size of the item determine the decorating cost.
If you have any questions or if you have a custom decorating project you would like to discuss, please contact us.
Examples of Custom Manufacturing Projects:
  • Cups and saucers
  • Commemorative plates
  • Tea caddies
  • Mugs
  • Teapots

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